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Bill & Berna - RV Travels

We arrived… The Great Sand Dunes National Park.

I just woke up. Wow! We are right next to the sand dunes, less than a mile. Some dunes must be over 1000 feet in height. It hard to tell how tall as they are nestled in under the shadow of the San Juan Mountain Range. They are over 11,000 feet. We are on or next to the valley floor at a mere 7500 feet. Both sights are awesome.

I need to fix the tow wiring before anything else, I stopped yesterday to get parts and it should take a couple hours later to fix.  I completed the repair work and dang it still does not work. It looks like the RV plug itself also got torn up, it looked good but on close inspection it broke internally, dang Kansas winds. Just to make it work I made some temporary repairs and bypassed the plug until I can find the proper plug, it takes a special plug for the RV so I fixed it temporarily and will get the part later.

I found a shipping place in Amarosa CO. so we can ship the cover off to be repaired.

It seems strange to be at 7500 feet and be in super flat terrain with no trees anywhere. There are snow covered mountain peaks all around us. That’s southern western CO. At least so far.

Heading to the sand dunes and into the park. These dunes are huge. Very cool patterns in the sand. Seems there are lots of access points to the dunes in the National Park, there are people here and its not to crowded.

As we visit the park we find a back county road with 4×4 access that travels next to the sand dunes.  The park rules are you must have 4-wheel drive to access the trail, my kind of adventure, off road, as we drive down the trail we see a warning sign “Point of no Return.” Make sure you have 4-wheel drive, we do…

We saw several mountain bluebirds. They are so bright blue. Crazy we are next to sand dunes that 1,000 feet high, there is a small creek next to the dunes, then a few trees and a 11,000 mountain on the right side. What a wild environment.

The sand dunes are emissive, some have super steep walls. In some areas here they sand surf.

As we drive the trail each turn offers a new sight, so many photos and stop to look.

We are so lucky to see sights like this. So many who visit this park will never see the sights down this off road trail. I feel very lucky to see these sights.

Time to turn around as the road is closed ahead. I wanted to go to the end.

Back we go, it’s nice to get away from the crowds and see sights many will never see. I am glad we have a 4×4 vehicle.

Out of the clear blue sky and amongst the sand dunes, two cowboys are up ahead riding horses. Seems they are trail riding the sand dunes area. Very surreal looking but we are in the west. What a sight…

It’s over and we are back to the RV. Dinner and bed are just a few minutes away.