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Bill & Berna - RV Travels

Toto we are not in Kansas anymore….

After a rough day traveling in Kansas yesterday, we woke up in Holly, CO. Time to try to fix the tow light wiring that was ripped off in the wind yesterday.

It seems it did more damage than I originally thought. It literally broke every plug on the wiring system. From the RV plug to the receiving plug on the tow. I need more parts. It looks like Berna will have to drive today as I cannot get things working with the parts I have on hand.

It’s off to Pueblo CO.  Today the driving is smooth.  Very little traffic and no wind, blue skies, a real bluebird day.

Its crazy! If you have never been to Colorado, the eastern side, before the mountains, is as flat or flatter than Kansas. Shortly after leaving Holly, CO we were 85 miles from Pueblo, and I saw the first sight of snow covered mountain peaks. The visibility is dang close to 100 miles. That’s crazy.

We arrived in Pueblo, first thing is saw was a guy selling bags of pot at a stop light, again pure crazy. Next was a guy dressed in green grass looking clothes, head to toe. Seems life for many here is out of the norm. I am glad we are passing through…

It seems Garmin led me astray again, that’s twice in as many days. I needed to pick up some RX scripts at a CVS in Pueblo. It took me to a housing project a few miles away, not the CVS. A quick reprogram and we are back on track.  I am glad we have two Garmin GPSs. One for a backup, the backup is now the primary one. The first one seems to have lost its mind.

Today’s problem: seems the RX script got messed up.  Oh no! One hour later after talking to an understanding pharmacist and we are finally back on the road with my scripts for the next month.

Back on the road again, it’s still about an hour to the Great Sand Dunes.  I-25 south.  The mountains close by all have snow covered peaks, looks cold.

We left I-25 and made out turn towards the Great Sand Dunes National Park, we are now in the mountains and heading through a high mountain pass. The working Garmin states we are at an elevation of 10,450 feet. That’s the highest the RV has ever been. Snow is still on the ground here; it is cold outside. Still about 40 miles to go. Its been a long day and I am ready to quit driving. Still 39 miles to go……

Finally, the last turn, it’s a straight shot to the Great Sand Dune RV Park. I mean a straight shot there is one small bearing turn to the left but that’s it. 20 miles of straight road. 20 miles to the campground. One long straight road, it seems a lot of roads here are long and straight, no trees, houses, people to make one need to turn. The sun’s setting now, quickly. It is a beautiful sunset, no time to enjoy ourselves as we need to make it to the campground before darkness sets in.

It’s hard to not notice the beauty here. Mountains with snow covered caps, we are in the flat valley floor. The sun and red skies are one of the best sunsets we have seen on the trip to date.

Only ten more miles it seems like time has slowed down to a standstill each mile takes an hour traveling in my mind, I want to get there, F.F. setting in again. I want to get the RV set up and enjoy the sunset.

Finally, we are here, the campground, it’s on the side of a mountain, now to find our site as the owner has gone home for the evening, it’s mostly dark now, now to find site 18.

Only one wrong turn and we are in the site. Jacks down, electric hooked up, slides all put out. Of course, the sun is gone now, but the sunset was the best one so far, I feel so lucky to be able to do this trip.

Tomorrow, it will be the Great Sand Dunes National Park.

Time to go sleep now, tired from driving.