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Bill & Berna - RV Travels

Shamrock, TX. to Holly, CO. A super windy day…

Another crazy day. We left Shamrock TX. headed north. Plans are to be in Pueblo Colorado in two days to visit the great sand dunes of Colorado. Things stated great but as we moved north the winds increased. Seems we were catching the tails winds of a low pressure system over South Dakota

The winds increased as we went north. At first it was only fifteen or so then twenty as we moved from the Texas panhandle into the OK panhandle, we experienced solid winds at 25 to 30 mph with gusts as high as 50.  Field dust was in the air, you could see and taste it. Visibility was reduced to as low as 2 miles with all the dust in the air. The coach was being blown all over the place.  Each guest moved the coach a foot or so. It was crazy. Out of the blue or dusty air a huge gust of wind hit and blew off the leather protector cover on our towed Ford Ranger. I looked in our rear camera as it was ripped off and flew into the air 20 plus feet landing in the middle of the road. A semi-truck who was following us drove around the cover and it blew off the side of the road into the grass.  We stopped and picked it up, thinking the worst. But Berna thinks she can fix it as it was only ripped in a few places, and we found out it is guaranteed for life. We will see how that works out.

We started looking for an RV stop. Finally, after many more brutal hours of driving we found a RV spot in Holly, Colorado. There was an RV coach already stopped there, tired of being blown around too. It seems they are Fantasy Tour Ambassadors. So, I just had to ask if they were also heading to Alaska. It turned out they are. But their trip starts two weeks before ours.  We chatted about the Alaska trip, and they gave us great advice. Additionally, Ann made some apple cobbler which was great. Not too sweet just right.  Seems their travel plans are also to meander their way north visiting several places on their bucket list. Great people, we made new friends.

Now to fix the toad light wiring ripped off in the wind gust that took the protector cover off. Thanks to the proliferation of auto parts stores nationwide we were able to find a towing harness and plug easily. Now to fix it, it’s always something….