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Shawnee OK, horse barrel racing championships

1 day in Shawnee OK wind. Dang door handle broke off inside the RV. Had to ask a passerby to open the door. It’s off to the RV store. More money… 

Watched the NBRA, National Barrel Racing Association State Championships races. They were free to watch. Wow! the women fly around the barrels. Took many photos and will post some soon. We are in the Mid-West, Cowgirls and Cowboys everywhere. Horse farms are everywhere, as are cows and sheep.

We decided to stay a few extra days due to high winds and we need tires. Best to get new tires in OK City. They are also calling for severe weather on Monday. Up to baseball size hail in the forecast.  There is also a tornado siren 300 feet from our RV.  Heck I am not sure what we need to do if it goes off. I have never lived in a tornado zone before.

Heading to Colorado on Monday. Maybe we will not see any tornados, at least up close.