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Bill & Berna - RV Travels

On the way to Texas

Well, we left The Heart of Oklahoma RV park in Shawnee, OK today. We are headed to get tires for the RV. Both front tires have been ragged and needed to be replaced. As the tires are over ten years old it is time to upgrade. Still have about 14.000 miles ahead of us on this trip.

We stopped at a Loves truck stop in Chickasaw that I had called prior to, and they had tires we needed. Once there they refused to install the tires after I informed them that I wanted to use the Michelin Advantage Program. Shame on them, they get 5 raspberries out of five. P..P… service at the repair shop from their manager.

We went down the road, I-40, to a shop called Fleetpride and got all 6 tires replaced. These guys got us right in the shop, worked on our RV and had us out of the shop in two hours or so. These guys were fantastic. They get a 5-star rating and I would highly recommend them when needing work in the Oklahoma area.

Driving is taxing today. Side winds at up to 38 mph make driving tough. It’s all been on I-40 but still tough driving. As a side note I-40 in Oklahoma and Texas follows the old US route 66 from years ago. We stopped driving in Shamrock, Tx.  For the night. We also need to change routes here and head north.  It’s still 500 plus miles to The Great Sand Dunes in Colorado, our real first sightseeing location.

There are reminders everywhere we are not in North Carolina anymore. Notes at the campground warn of Rattlesnakes and high winds blowing across the open plains also they have several tornado shelters around the campground.  East of OK. City there are bad storms happening, here the suns out. I like the sun.