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Bill & Berna - RV Travels

Pre-Trip Plans,


As we began thinking about our cross-country trip there were a lot of things that needed to be done.  Getting the RV ready to travel approximately 15,000 miles OH MY!  Bill began the chore of getting all systems working top notch.  The water bin floor had rotted out with that being of major importance.  Bill decided to rip out completely replacing with a poly plastic floor instead of wood.  What a major undertaking with the maze of water hoses, sewer pipes (both black and gray water) and electric wires to run pumps.

Inside the water bin, damaged wood
Old Water Bin

And of course there are normal maintenance that needs to be completed:

Change the oil and filters for the motor

Change the oil and filters for the generator

Grease the chassis

Check electrical system

While Bill was doing all the maintenance work, I decided I didn’t want to look at brown walls in the RV for six months.  So, with that said I painted the bedroom walls a crisp linen color, leaving the wood framing the same wood-stained color. Changed the headboard fabric and the valances on the windows. And also made a new quilt for the bed (king size at that) when the top was pieced together, I took it to a shop to have it quilted (bit expensive, but well worth it).

 Took out the old closet shelf and bar for hanging clothing and replaced it with a wire closet system; much better use of the space.

Reworked Closet
Reworked Closet

Next came the living and dining area which I only painted the televato (tv lift) alcove the crisp linen color and changed the RV cornice valance.


I changed the fabric on the chair covers to match the cornice valance.

Before Chair
Before Chair


After Chair
After Chair

Had a little bit of time left to make extra storage for the pantry cabinet six extra shelves where added.

I prepared several canned soups to make it easier for meals on the road. And of course, a menu for the first month of travel.

Now time to leave for the trip and everything is packed.  But the RV is not ready for us to go it decides it’s going to sound an alarm for the brakes. After Bill searches out the problem with a new part (which did not work). Time to figure out what wire is causing the problem (there are a million wires under the dash). Finally, after a couple of days Bill finds a short in a wire, off to the store for a wire replacement. Yay! Everything is working now!

Only 1,250 miles to get to our first destination!