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Bill & Berna - RV Travels

Day 1 and 2

Day 1 and 2

Well, we are finally on our way… only 6 days late.

We were a little late in packing for a variety of reasons, but the biggie was our RV decided it was not ready for a trip and went on strike.

It started on April 2 when we finally got packed and started to leave, when I turned on the RV the brake warning light and buzzer would not release the air brakes.  Panic city… RV’s broke…, solar eclipse in 6 days…, 1250 miles to go for a campground reservation.  Yeks!!

I called the RV dealer. Yes, Mr. Edmonds we can find your problem and fix your RV. Our next available date is July 2…. OH NO – panic city!!  Heck we are planning on being in Alaska in July, plus the eclipse is in 6 days…

So begins a quick course in RV brake system wiring for air brakes. After many calls to Freightliner, troubleshoot a wiring system, replacing a part that was express shipped, and needing to completely rewire the braking system as the wire harness had a short to ground in it. I am FINISHED. Now it is only 2 days to the eclipse, 1250 miles between me and our reservation.

Finally packed an on the road. Day 1 we left the house late, about 11:00 am. But we still made good time traveling a little over 500 miles. Only 700 miles to go…

Day 2, we got away early. We left our overnight spot about 7:00 AM after eating breakfast. Drive, drive, drive we did.

Oh No, 60 miles to go and a traffic jam on the interstate, traffic completely stopped. Started moving and found out a motorcycle and car tangled. We saw the motorcycle, it was trashed, the owner flown by helicopter to the hospital, outcome unknown.

Finally, arriving at our destination around 11:30 PM central time, dang tired. Two days driving in an RV, 1250 miles – 7 states, huge FF, we are here yea! We set up quickly and I was asleep in a few minutes.